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  Oritori shikaitofukurahayu

     ~(This means "Thank you for coming"

           in the local Shiraho dialect.)~

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Banchan is a small restaurant that opened in January 2013,

after renovating a home in Shiraho on Ishigaki Island.


Shiraho village is an agricultural village with a proud, traditional cultural and is blessed with an abundance of local produce sourced both

from the land and sea.


Living each day feeling first-hand the marvels of nature, supporting each other and bonding with the local community, appreciating unseen gods and embracing our ancestors can help to teach us what real happiness is.

Our basic philosophy is that

"good tasting food that is good for both the mind and body will help to create a happier life".

This moment in time is created by the local producers growing the ingredients, the chef that prepares them, the staff that bring it to your table with warm hospitality and you, our customers that sit down to enjoy it.

It is our hope that the customers that afford us their patronage get to experience delicious food, warm, happy smiles and a relaxed atmosphere and dining experience.

We strive to use safe produce traceable back to our local producers and hope that this translates onto the plate for all our customers.


We ask for your understanding in that our dishes take time to prepare so that you can enjoy them at their very best.

We are grateful for the blessing of nature that each season brings and will continue to devote ourselves to the happiness of all customers that visit Banchan.

Thank you for your patronage.

Restaurant owner: Hidesuke Bando 



Weekend Market

  Shun'ya Banchan and

      our local produce suppliers

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